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Binder Check List
If you are reading this announcement, I commend you for checking GroupFusion :) I have decided to make it a bit easier on you by posting the check list for tomorrow's binder check.  I still want to see that you have everything (more or less) in your binder from the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR, but the list will tell you what is being checked for points tomorrow.  Please be sure to have all your tests (the actual tests, not the scantrons) in your binder.  Last chance to get some easy points before finals!

We're Almost There!
We have exactly one week left until the day we've all been working so hard towards this entire school year!  I'm very proud of each and every one of you as I see you reviewing independently and together as a class.  Let's make it through this final stretch together!

Per some of your requests, I will place the review PPTs from this week's classes online for your convenience.  I received excellent feedback from today's class about the review.  Unfortunately, many of you were not present as you were taking another exam.  I've uploaded the PPT from today (5/8/13) onto the "Class Review PPTs" folder in the Class Files section at the bottom of this web page. Remember, these are only the topics that you requested I review.  Please continue with your topic suggestions so I can better cater to your needs!

We're a week away...we can do this! :)

Unit 11 Materials to be collected
The following will be collected in class tomorrow (February 20, 2013):


  1. New Deal Programs Chart
  2. Notes: Chapter 33 Parts 3 and 4
  3. Debate Fact Sheet (Completed for your side - PRO or ANTI New Deal, as well as the last part "Other Arguments/Evidence" from the textbook)
  4. Primary Source Document Analysis Sheet
Prohibition Political Cartoon
 This is a reminder about the political cartoon assignment due on Thursday!




TASK: You will use your knowledge about the Prohibition Era to illustrate a political cartoon. You have to option to decide which side your cartoon will defend. Remember to include some characteristics of political cartoon that we learned about (i.e. symbols, labeling, caricatures, satire, etc.). Some issues you may choose to explore can include, but are not limited to:

  • Ties to immigration
  • Women’s temperance movement
  • Inefficiency in enforcement


  1. One half sheet of 8½ X 11 White non-lined sheet of paper (you must use the half sheet provided in class)
  2. Hand drawn (stick figures and “Photoshopped” pictures are not acceptable)
  3. Colored (by color pencils only – no markers, pens, crayons, water colors, etc); black and white shading is acceptable
  4. The BACK of the cartoon should have:
    1. Title of Cartoon
    2. Name
    3. Date
    4. Class period
  5. Use at least 3 of the 5 parts of a political cartoon

Use simple objects to stand for larger concepts or ideas. Overdo or exaggerate the physical characteristics of people or things in order to make a point Label objects to make it clear exactly what they stand for.


A analogy is a comparison between 2 unlike things. By comparing a complex situation to a more familiar one can help readers see a situation in a different light.


Irony is the difference between the way things are and the way things are supposed to be or are expected to be. Use irony to express your views on an issue.

***The Rubric for this assigment can be found in the Class Files sections of this webpage.


Notes Page
A copy of the Notes Page you received in class today is now in the Class Files section of this page in the "Class Documents" folder for your convenience.  Many will be available in class, but you can always print extras for future use or if you run out.


Unit 8 Study Guide
The Unit 8 Study Guide is now available in the Class Files section of this page.  Your final exam study guide should be up by next week.  You will have time in class to work on both study guides but remember to manage your time wisely as I know most of you are juggling other AP classes! Good luck and happy studying :)

Skirball Center Field Trip
If you haven't already submitted you field trip form for the Skirball Center trip on Thursday, November 1, PLEASE DO SO BY TOMORROW, October 30, 2012.  Also, do not forget the Photo Release Form that can be printed from the Class Files section of this page.

Unit 6 Study Guide
Your Unit 6 Study Guide is now available on the Class Files Section of this page in the Unit 6 Folder.

Photo Release Form
Please print out the Photo Release form for our Skirball Center field trip located in the Class Files Section of this webpage and return it to class no later than Wednesday, October 31, 2012.

October-December Calendars now available
You Tentative Reading/Dicussion Calendars for the rest of the semester (October-December) are now available in the Class Files Section of this web page.

Welcome Parents!
The PowerPoint presentation shown on Back-to-School Night has been uploaded onto the Class Files section of this web page (below) in the "Class Documents" folder.  Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions or concerns.

Unit 1 Study Guide
Your Unit 1 Study Guide has been posted in the "Unit 1" folder of the "Class FIles" section of this page.  Understand that these terms and concepts have been narrowed down to help you study for my exam.  For the actual AP Exam, you will be expected to know about all the concepts we've discussed in class.

Welcome to Ms. Bacon's AP U.S. History Class Page!  Here you will find Class announcements, some class files, and HW assignments updated on a daily basis.  I look forward to a wonderful, productive year with all of you! :)

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